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While several million people pile into Twitter, the Millenial Short Form Brain Nugget Sharing Service, lots of folks are wondering, “How do I manage my work-related persona in these memed-out, darling-and-pundit-infested waters?”
Truth is, tons of folks are readily mixing work and pleasure online. In fact, it’s been going on for years; I think it used [...]

You should see the presentation embedded above. If you don’t, you can view it on
Here’s a little talk I put together for a UX Meetup here in LA. It’s a bit of an amalgamation of emerging experience design tenets focusing on differences between page design and experience design. Probably not a giant eye-opener for [...]

Lots of good discussion on the topic of Crowd Dynamics. Granted, I think that the DigitalDesignBlog post excerpt fueled a bit of an incendiary angle in regard to the Social Participation Ladder. Not intended. Actually, I think the ladder is a great visualization of how folks climb up to participate, (and to mix metaphors) placing [...]

What if we voted every day? Hmm.
About mid-way through 2008, I revisited a question that I’ve had many times before. “Why is it so hard to discuss politics? Isn’t there something I can actually do about anything, short of constantly marching, chanting, or shouting about stuff? I have a job and a social life.”
It’s an [...]

OK, I think everyone’s read the Forrester thing, “The Connected Agency” by Mary Beth Kemp and Peter Kim (alright…maybe not everyone…) Yeah, I think it’s interesting, too. About a year ago, they said that agencies will home in on communities…as needed. They said that according to client needs, agencies would develop relationships in specific channels [...]

I’m interested in 4 things this year (it seems like it’s always 1, 2, 3, or 5 things, right? Never 4…or 6. At that point, you should just go for a Top 10 list, I think.) In the coming year, I hope we can stop talking about Social Media in Social Media and start discussing [...]

At first glance, it seemed a lot like Muxtape. I jumped in, sans Uploader. I toughed it out, threw up a quick mix…bunch of stuff that had been bouncing around in my head. 
Song upload was brutal. I went and made a sandwich, ate it, and watersealed the deck while my 8 songs uploaded. What’s better? [...]

Who Are the Users? What’s the Purpose of the Site? Once the UX team did a bit of guerrilla ethnography – and understood the greater purposes of the project, we presented our work as a spectrum of different users – and their needs from the content. We determined that all site design work should aim [...]